OUR WORK: Diginext’s experience of the Emotive project to date

The edutainment team of Diginext is very enthusiastic to be part of this fantastic consortium and work on the EMOTIVE project. Some members of the team already had the occasion to work in the cultural heritage domain by participating to the CHESS project and their enthusiasm stimulated everyone. We are all eager to offer our authoring tool and see it used to create great storytelling experiences!

Since the EMOTIVE kick-off, we have closely followed the work of the end users, especially at the 1st workshop, and the innovative use cases they imagined to realise with our tool. Then, Rémi and Alexandre have dedicated their efforts to analyse how to adapt the outcomes of the MAGELLAN project to support these new scenarios. Indeed, this project features powerful building blocks oriented towards general game creation, which we can reuse in the cultural heritage world, on the condition that we customize them to the needs and liking of our users.

Moreover, under the technical coordination of ATHENA, we synchronised with the other technical partners to create a complete architecture combining all our tools in a coherent solution. This has of course been the occasion to rekindle relationships with previous partners and to get to know new ones as well as discovering our respective works.

Our team is really looking forward to work directly with end users to create original experiences for the EMOTIVE project and put them directly in the hands of visitors for them to deeply engage with our end user’s stories.

We all have a story to tell

Storytelling applies to nearly everything we do. Everybody uses stories, from educators to marketers and from politicians to journalists, to inform, persuade, entertain, motivate or inspire. Storytelling becomes an even more powerful tool when it taps into our emotions.

We are all storytellers to some extent. Do you remember the last time you have told a story to your friend, family member, colleague or a stranger? What it was about?

On the Emotive Twitter and Facebook accounts we often share interesting resources, articles and topics related to storytelling. Here we would like to share with you a number of interesting factsheets, offered as ‘a free resource for storytellers and those wishing to promote storytelling events’ by the Society for Storytelling.

Our top picks, closely related to our work at EMOTIVE, are ‘Using Storytellers in Museums’ and ‘Advice to Storytellers working in Museums’. The first factsheet has been compiled by Tina Bilbé (Society for Storytelling) and includes contributions by Emily Johnsson (Museum of London) from her handbook Telling Tales: A guide to developing effective storytelling programmes for museums. It covers a variety of topics and provides answers to most common questions raised by the museum community, such as: What is a storyteller? Why tell stories in museums? What can a storyteller do for a museum? The second factsheet includes a great number of tips and advice from museum professionals and storytellers themselves.

Have a look at the full list and see what you can find to help you improve your storytelling skills, organize an event or simply learn how to tell a story!