The EMOTIVE experiences explore digital storytelling, tangible objects, social interaction between visitors and more experiential approaches, all combined to foster the emotional connection between the visitors with the sites.

EMOTIVE has produced several experiences that have been evaluated with visitors in the project main sites, Çatalhöyük and the Hunterian. The experiences explore digital storytelling, tangible objects, social interaction between visitors and more experiential approaches, all combined to achieve the emotional connection of the visitors with the sites. Both on-site and virtual experiences are being designed, created and tested iteratively in close collaboration between the partner sites and the technology providers.

The project has also produced experiences for other institutions that serve as Living Labs for the project and test and apply its concepts and technology including the York Minster Cathedral.


EMOTIVE Digital Schoolkit

The Exploration of Egalitarianism Digital Classroom Kit invites students to investigate the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük and its egalitarian society. Within the framework of a three-part experience, students are tasked with collaborative decision making and constructive peer-to-peer dialogue as they use 3D printed objects, virtual tours of replica houses, and a multi-user Chatbot, to explore the history of the archaeological site and the nature of egalitarianism. Dialogic methods and pedagogical strategies, drawn from heritage interpretation and history education respectively, are embedded within the digital tools to develop the key skills of historical empathy, namely historic contextualisation, perspective taking, and affective connection.

EMOTIVE Digital Schoolkit
EMOTIVE Digital Schoolkit | Credit to Grant Cox, ArtasMedia ltd, for the 3D model of a Çatalhöyük home.


EMOTIVE VR Experience

Through a shared multi-user experience of virtual reality, participants can visit the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük, famed for both its architecture and its culture of social, political, and economic equality. Participants will explore the history and geography of the archaeological site, including its excavation areas and replica houses, while interactively engaging in shared decision-making involving the nature of property ownership, emotional connections to personal belongings, and the relationship between giving and receiving.

Catalhoyuk VR Vive - user experience teaser

Ebutius’s Dilemma onsite

“Ebutius’ Dilemma” is a digital storytelling experience developed for Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow. It features the character of Ebutius, a centurion. The scenario covers the abandonment of the Antonine Wall by the Romans, and was given a working title of ‘The Things We Leave Behind’. The prototype experience was written first in MS Word, then transferred into ATHENA’s Storyboard Editor tool. From there it was published onto smartphones and to tablets for evaluation.

The Ebutius narrative is a fictional portrayal of a Roman soldier faced with a difficult choice. The Roman army is abandoning the Antonine Wall - his home for 20 years - and he must decide whether to leave with them or abandon the army and stay with his partner and child. A detailed description of the experience can be found in the deliverable D3.7 Pilot experience prototypes.


EBUTIUS beta release screenshots