EMOTIVE offers a wide set of tools that support the creation of a variety experiences for on-site and remote visitors.

“Create interactive storytelling experiences for mobile devices”

With the EMOTIVE Authoring Tool creators and cultural heritage experts are able to collaborate to create interactive storytelling experiences for a museum or any cultural heritage site. Visitors download the curated experiences on their smartphone and get guided throughout the site while being engaged in immersive narratives.

By supporting several author roles with a variety of technical expertise, the EMOTIVE Authoring Tool can be used to produce virtually any type of experience, from simple text based presentations to advanced multi-user AR games!

EMOTIVE Catalhoyuk storyboard
Prototyping and creating simple experiences with Storyboard
Building Complex Scenarios and 3D worlds with the Visual Scenario Editor
Experiencing the final result on a smartphone

“Bring your experiences online”

Experiences made for mobile devices, can be easily transported for online use combined with an, easy to build, 360° virtual space. The Floor Plan Editor enables museum experts to create virtual representations of their cultural heritage sites by organising 360° photographs through a web environment. These virtual spaces are viewable through the EMOTIVE’s Web Experiencing System along with a storytelling experience originally made to be used on-site, bringing the same experience off-site.

Building 360° virtual space with Floor Plan Editor, an easy to use, web based, tool
Experiencing the Ebutius’ story online through the Web Experiencing application

“Create immersive virtual experiences”

Off-site experiences can be brought to the next level with our Mixed Reality Plugin for Unity. Utilising advanced Image Based Rendering (IBR) techniques, developers are able to use typical 2D photography to turn a real space into a fully immersive virtual environment. Applications can vary from typical game-like settings built for 2D screens to Virtual/Augmented Reality experiences.

Virtual characters interact inside a virtual environment built by the Mixed Reality Plugin

“Bring objects to life”

Emotional engagement with the past becomes much more intense when we are able to touch historical objects, see their colours and feel their texture. EMOTIVE provides tools that enable cultural heritage creators, or even visitors, to cast their own replicas of historical artefacts. Additionally, with the help of the EMOTIVE’s Mixed Reality Plugin for Unity, these object can be brought back to their original glory through the lenses of a Virtual Reality headset.

An ancient female figurine, originally found in the Catalhoyuk area, casted using a MetaMold
Interacting with a 3D replica in a virtual environment