Emotive is an EU-funded heritage project that aims to use emotional storytelling to dramatically change how we experience heritage sites.

For heritage professionals, the Emotive application will provide a powerful storytelling engine and a set of rich digital media assets that can be used to create detailed characters and narratives featuring archaeological sites or collections of artefacts.

For visitors, Emotive will offer dramatic, emotionally engaging stories that can be experienced while at a cultural site or remotely. Wherever visitors are, they can follow characters, look for clues and explore environments alone or with family and friends.



  • EMOTIVE supported research at the SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver
    Our partner Paolo Cignoni from ISTI-CNR and his team (Thomas Alderighi, Luigi Malomo, Daniela Giorgi, Nico Pietroni, Bernd Bickel) presented a technical paper at the SIGGRAPH Conference 2018 in Vancouver, Canada on 12 August 2018. The paper ‘MetaMolds: Computational Design of […]
  • Cultural Heritage EU funded projects meet at the CrossCult & Emotive Workshop in Athens
    On Monday the 14th of May 2018, the EMOTIVE team had the chance to organize and co-host with the CrossCult project an exciting event that brought together representatives of most of the current cultural heritage EU funded projects. The event was structured in three main sessions, […]
  • Call for Papers: Emotions in Digital Cultural Heritage
    Call for Papers Emotions in Digital Cultural Heritage: How do we design and evaluate emotionally engaging applications and tools? A Special Session of DigitalHERITAGE 2018 3rd International Congress & Expo 26-30 October 2018, San Francisco, USA http://www.digitalheritage2018.org/ […]
  • EMOTIVE researcher received prestigious ERC funding
    Congratulations to George Drettakis, Inria research director at the Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée centre and head of the Graphdeco project-team, specialist in Computer Graphics, who received the European Research Council (ERC) grant in the Advanced category for the FUNGRAPH […]
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