EMOTIVE promotional video

EMOTIVE Verecunda onsite experience

‘A Window to the Scottish Past: Views on Verecunda's Life’, Hunterian Museum Onsite Experience The Verecunda EMOTIVE experience is a multi-part, facilitator-led in gallery experience created for 4 concurrent users. It focuses on the story of a local 15-year-old, Caledonian slave girl, Verecunda, who worked at the Roman commander's house in Bar Hill fort, one of the Antonine Wall sites. It aims to encourage reflection about the past, particularly in Roman Scotland, challenge stereotypes about life in the Frontiers of the Roman Empire, and link with users’ life today through exploring the issue of identity (in the past and today).

EMOTIVE Ebutius’s Dilemma onsite experience

“Ebutius’ Dilemma” is a digital storytelling experience developed for the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow. It features the character of Ebutius, a centurion. The scenario covers the abandonment of the Antonine Wall by the Romans, and was given a working title of ‘The Things We Leave Behind’.

EMOTIVE video preview: CHI 2019

This is a Preview video / summary of the EMOTIVE paper that has been accepted to the prestigious CHI 2019 conference in Glasgow, UK. The title of the paper is Transformation through Provocation? Designing a “Bot of Conviction” to Challenge Conceptions and Evoke Critical Reflection and the authors are Roussou, M., Perry, S., Katifori, A., Vassos, S., Tzouganatou, A., & McKinney, S.